Increase The Value Of Your Business With Certifications & Official Credentials

We provide Business Certification, Education, Operational Improvement, Network Management & Advanced Technology-driven Tools

Our strategic partners include the largest Automotive Manufacturers, Suppliers, Paint Manufacturers, Insurance Companies, and more. Assured Performance has Certified over 3,000 collision repair business across North America. The members of our Network have the right tools, training, and equipment to offer their customers a Certified Repair and complete repair documentation.

Diverse Business Design

Assured Performance is made up of three entities; a non-profit consumer advocacy organization and certification entity, a legal Cooperative and a Management Company.

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Network Ecosystem
Business Certification
RepairDOC System
Advanced Technology Business Management Tools
Network Management
Network Administration
Consumer Awareness & Education
Intelligent Smart Apps & Online Locators
Scorecards, Benchmarking, Rating and Ranking
Rebate – Reward Management
Data Management & Cloud Storage
SOPs – Standard Operating Procedures
CRM Customer Relationship Management Tools
Assured Performance Certification

Certified Once, Recognized By Many

Assured Performance provides official independent third-party Certification for Collision Repair Provider. This certification is provided by a non-profit consumer advocacy organization and certification entity is the gateway to delivering a “Certified Repair” and as well as qualifying and participating in several “OEM affiliated Certified Networks.” Once Certified by Assured Performance, the Repair Provider will become officially recognized by several Auto Manufactures and appear on numerous intelligent shop locators. The Certified Repair Provider is also able to take advantage of the exclusive Assured Performance joint-effort Certification benefits as outlined:

Increase The Value Of Your Business

Certification helps to put your business in a league of your own. Certification illustrates that your business is best in class and part of the most advanced repair capable network in the world. The Certification/Recognition provides the official credentials that elevate and exponentially increase the value of your business.

Business Capability Assessment, deficiency report and analysis
Annual onsite inspection-audit and operational review with online proof of compliance system and tracking for multiple OEM and Insurer programs
Certification-Recognition signage and logo usage as selected (official Assured Performance sign included n/c. Additional OEM signs upon qualification and election itemized and listed below
RepairDOC, Certified Repair & Quality Management System
Consumer MARKETING & Certification Business Promotion package
Consumer and Insurance Referral program includes multiple listings on Consumer and Insurer-facing shop locators and smart apps, press releases and promotion to insurance carriers
AWS cloud data safeguard and storage - dataSAFE,
Scorecards, KPI and bench-marking - dataMANAGER, and dataIQ
5-STAR Business Performance System (best practice analysis, rating, ranking, KPI, development plan)
ShopOps Certified Repair and Process Management System - Annual License
Enterprise Elite Partner Program (optional) with Insurance promotion, ARMS, rebate, etc
Assured Performance Co-Op Certified Rewards (optional)
Bundled Pricing with OEM subsidies included (over 50% savings)
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Exclusive Features

OEM Customer Referral

Referrals direct from OEMs, connecting Certified Shops with customers.

Shop Locator

Listing in the online body shop locator linked directly from the OEMs web sites with a personalized micro-site and link to your shops website.

Consumer Advocacy

Listing on consumer-facing Assured Performance Collision Care (consumer advocate) shop locators.

Collision Care Marketing

Access to an arsenal of Collision Care marketing materials to differentiate Certified Shops from local competition.

Public Relations

Periodic press release communications distributed to your local media.

Don't Lose Customers

Online appointment setting and electronic dispatch to your shop from the locator and smart phone apps.

Assured Performance Network Management EcoSystem

Assured Performance Delivers A Completely Connected, End-To-End Ecosystem – Multidimensional, Comprehensive, and Innovative

We know that to evolve beyond today’s DRP model we must have a new and better way to do business - an ecosystem, infrastructure and operating model that is complete, end-to-end, and integrated connecting all these facets at a national level, built on a proven, robust platform.

Network Management Ecosystem ...A New & Better Way to Do Business!

Assured Performance is the only company that offers a complete network management “ecosystem.” Through this new Ecosystem, now all industry stakeholders and trading partners can view, manage, and interact with each other new and innovative ways using APEX, and the Assured Performance Certified Network Management Ecosystem.

All the modules are connected and interactive overlying an electronic eco-system for future claims management for insurers & Certified repairs for customers.

Operational Optics
Macro & Micro Management Tools
Intelligent Data Analytic capabilities
Virtually unlimited and state-of-the art
Integrated Reporting & Connectivity
Robust Business Development Content & Sales Management Tools
Performance Tracking, and Benchmarking
Performance & Custom Rating & Ranking
Peer-to-Peer Network-wide Communications
Content & Process Management
Certified Repair Validation & Reward
Telematics FNOL & Customer Appointment Dispatching
Web Referral Locator management & traffic monitoring
HR Skills Inventory Management
Incentive Program Management
OEM Procedure Documentation & Pre-/Post-Scan Reporting

The Assured Performance Network Management Ecosystem connects:

Certified Shops through a proprietary “certified repair” system called ShopOps
Consumers - Smart Apps & Intelligent online shop locators
OEMs, Insurers, WPD, Paint Companies, Jobbers, MSOs, & more through customized versions of APEX & ShopOps
assured performance bodyshop ecosystem

Today, the entire industry commerce is based upon an ecosystem that has evolved over the last 35 years, i.e. the DRP model. How can repairers, OEM, insurers and all stakeholders improve the way business is done in the future without changing the fundamentals and adopting a new and improved business model and supporting ecosystem?

Assured Performance is CONNECTING THE DOTS and delivering order ...through new and better ways to do business ...beyond the 35 year-old DRP Model

You are LINKED ... an industry with complete connectivity

All Assured Performance Certified repair providers are provided with ShopOps to ensure their ability to comply and report according to all of the various program requirements and changing market demands.


Beyond anything offered before, the Assured Performance ecosystem links consumers through Smart Apps, online locators, and interactive communications through ShopOps and APEX giving integrated communications, Network and Certified repair management.

Manage Your Data

assured performance network management

View Shop Statistics

assured performance bodyshop statistics
Assured Performance Network Products & Services
apex network management

The Assured Performance Certified Network Management System is a turnkey platform available to OEMs, Insurers and other entities to monitor, measure and manage a mass market network of OEM Certified Collision Repair Providers. It is a collection of technology-driven tools that allow the users to have best in class oversight, measurement, review, monitoring, administrative approval, and day-to-day control of the numerous elements of a complete North American certified repair provider network.

shopops bodyshop program

ShopOps is an exclusive web-based system that enables the Certified Repair Providers to comply with numerous OEM and Insurer requirements and perform at the highest performance levels. ShopOps was designed as a suite of business tools to enable certified shops to operate under far different processes including interfacing with consumers as well as the future "connected-vehicle".

In Network Communications

You can send electronic communications network-wide or peer-to-peer as desired with built-in activity logging and follow up capability.

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Customer Relationship Management

Now your shop has the ability to receive and process appointments made by consumers through the numerous shop locators, smart apps and the future connected cars. The system also facilitates direct communications, and customer retention initiatives, CSI as well as updates and images that a consumer can elect to receive throughout the repair process.

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Certified Signage

To be used on your web sites, estimates, marketing brochures and more. Differentiate your business to consumers by using the approved OEM logos and badges in all of your marketing (websites, brochures, social media sites and in all advertising).

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This robust feature includes a KPI self-management data dashboard with comparative benchmarking and automated scorecard reporting, including shop rating and ranking, that allows for in-depth data analytics. You can rate, rank, monitor, and mange the performance of your business.

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Upon completion of your Certification requirements, you will be able to customize your MicroSite using our built-in template. Your finalized MicroSite will include your company's contact information, important details about your business, and give customers an easy way to book an appointment for a Certified Repair. It will also ensure that your business is linked to several consumer-facing OEM referral sites, smartphone apps, your website, and your business’s social media platforms.

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RepairDOC System

This feature is based upon increasing your repair quality and decreasing your liability exposure (especially critical considering the John Eagle case). This exclusive benefit provides your Certified repair business with a turnkey “repair documentation system” and record storage enabling efficient electronic proof of how the vehicle was repaired, by whom and with what.It keeps visual proof of what OEM Repair Procedures your technician used, and even the results of scans performed.

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Document Manager

This feature is a central repository and document manager for all of the various procedures, checklist, forms, job descriptions and other documents you accumulate as a business. It puts all fo the right documents at you and your staff’s finger tips ... it ensures the right people are using the right version of the right document. You are able to maintain access to all of the critical docs required by OEMs, insurers, and vendors in an on-demand web-based portal with cloud storage.

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Training Manager

ShopOps puts a wide variety of training options right at your fingertips. With ShopOps your AMI courses and I-CAR training schedule is just a few clicks away. You will also find a library of vendor training form suppliers such as 3M to your paint and equipment companies. These are organized and maintained by the suppliers of the training and listed in ShopOps to make the entire process easier.

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PR & Public Relations

This exclusive feature provides your Certified Repair business with a turnkey system to assist with creation and distribution of ongoing press releases and public relations campaigns critical in gaining the recognition you deserve as a Certified Collision Care Provider

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hrManager & Skills Management

Skills inventory is a powerful features that maintains all of the shop’s technical training and knowledge records supplied from on-site knowledge and skills assessments performed and your training records for I-CAR and other entities. Now, all of your technician’s capabilities let you ensure you have the skills your need to perform proper repairs. This innovative solution tied to “RepairDOC” ensures that the repair is performed by a qualified technician.

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5-Star Business Program

This program is designed to assist body shops in earning a "5-Star Status" by achieving top performance metrics in the business disciplines that matter most; specific to your goals and objectives. Whether you are working towards achieving Certification or are already Certified, the 5-Star Business Performance Program provides you with a step-by-step Business Improvement Plan to ensure your shop continues to have what it takes to properly repair the new generation of vehicles.

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Business Improvement

A business performance module assists the shop to maintain compliance and leverage best practices and improvement planning and provides financial planning and analytics. It also is the foundation for you to ensure your shop meets and maintains all requirements for certification and other referral program requirements.

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Pro Forma Business Model

The Pro Forma modeling tool provides you with a "What If" calculator that helps to illustrate the actual financial impact prior to making an investment or strategic change to an existing business model. Before implementing some kind of a change, you can use this tool to create a financial pro forma that illustrates what you can expect through sample profit and loss statements based on real numbers that you supply.

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The "Certified Repair Option" - An Integral Feature of ShopOps

RepairDOC System

A complete Repair Documentation Process with all of the electronic tools a shops needs to make the process easy as well as comprehensive and complete. Based on an extract from shop files, the documentation is vehicle repair specific; line-by-line, and part-by-part – not generic.

RepairDOC is NOT a product or an option. It’s an essential process. Assured Performance has developed a comprehensive and easy-to-use system to allow your staff to document all repairs helping mitigate your liability exposure and provide consumers with the ultimate in quality and consumer confidence …and it includes an electronic mobile Smart App Quality Assurance checklist.

The system automatically lists your estimates in a format ready to be documented separating repair lines and parts.

As you assign Technician to the repair, the items automatically find their list of “jobs” waiting inside the Smart App. All the Technician has to do is point, and tap, tap, tap to answer questions, take pictures and provide proof of compliance. It’s as easy to use as taking a selfie!

The system allows you to document what parts were used and from what source. It’s a simple and easy manual documentation, but the process can also be integrated electronically with existing parts procurement software you might use.

Once technicians finish documenting repairs using their smart devices, all the pictures and file enclosures are ready for management or QC review and approval. This ensures that checks and balances are in place and full accountability. Managers have flags to identify which are out of compliance, percentage of documentation, etc.

This powerful feature provides you with the consumer-facing elements that add to the ultimate value to your business and your consumer’s satisfaction and confidence. Each repair is fully documented with proof of how the vehicle was repaired, with what, and by whom. You are able to provide multiple certificates to the consumer and insurers. Benefits Include:

Certified Shops through a proprietary “certified repair” system called ShopOps

"Certificate of Compliance"

"Certificate of Authenticity"

"Certified Repair" Certificate - the ultimate quality output is achieved with proper documention (Man, Machine, Method, Material, Measurement)

Provided by the shop to the consumer, providing customers with peace of mind

Displays a commitment to quality

Data driven solution

Great follow up tool for CSI and customer retention
assured performance shopops examples
assured perforamnce mobile apps
assured performance certificates
Assured Performance Network Consumers

Connecting Consumers To Certified Repair Providers

We ensure that consumers can locate a certified collision repair provider wherever they may need one while ensuring that these best-in-class body shops are able to effectively market and promote themselves to consumers.

Leverage Consumer Awareness For Your Business

Let consumers know that you can provide a validated, higher quality repair option. Give customers the power to identify, locate, set appointments, and directly connect with your shop.

iphone app bodyshop locator android app bodyshop locator

Auto Body Locator

This locator service will enable you to identify, locate and contact a collision repair business that has been Certified based upon meeting or exceeding the required Auto Manufacturer standards specifying necessary tools, equipment, training and customer service facilities.

assured performance network autobody locator
About Assured Performance Network

About Us

Assured Performance Network is made up of three entities; a management company, a non-profit consumer advocacy organization, and a legal co-op. Collectively, Assured Performance is by far the largest Certified Business Network in the automotive industry, world-wide.

Our strategic partners include several of the largest Auto Manufacturers including but not limited to: Nissan, INFINITI, FCA, Hyundai and Kia and others; representing nearly 2/3 of all of the vehicles on the road today. We also work with other world-class businesses like Enterprise Rent-A-Car and many more.

Assured Performance provides services across all of North America.​

Our Partners